teapigs – everyday brew

I recently took part in a fortnight challenge with teapigs*. That challenge was to swap my normal tea, for their morning glory, every day brew for two weeks – and see what I thought when it was all over. An interesting experiance considering my usual tea is whatever one is closet to my hand when the urge strikes!teapigs everyday brew

Its not that I dont drink tea – I drink ALOT of tea. But my usual choice tends to be whatever is closest to my hand when the mood strikes, and that can be absolutely anything!

Ya see – up until very recently, I had myself in that category of people who take their tea rather like milky water. Tea bag in, tea bag out – pretty much a 10 second process. Tea that needs to be in a little like tea as possible. Something warm and cosy, with the tiniest touch of taste. I thought that tea brewed much beyond that created a tannic taste bud assault. But it appears I may have been wrong!

teapigs_morninggloryThe first time I brewed a cup of teapigs, everyday brew I did it by the book – teapigs recommend a brewing time of 3 minutes or over. I went with 3 minutes, and boy was I surprised with the results! I expected to hand the cup of tea over to M – and brew myself a second tea temple with less time in the water. My usual less than a minute seemed sensible….

But I kept that first cup for myself and haven’t looked back. This tea doesn’t become at all tannic or bitter. It is full of malty, richness – and a fresh citrus note that keeps the tea bright. And has seen my tea issues to be a thing of the past.

My morning cup of tea – that one that really matters, and sets you up for the day – has been teapigs, everyday brew for over a fortnight now. And that’s something I intend to continue. And maybe I will do a little bit more investigating into what other teas I would like – if I just tried some good ones 🙂

I am open to recommendations – let me know your favs. Herbal or otherwise!

*teapigs sent me some everyday brew as a gift – however, as always, my opinions are entirely my own.