teapigs #matchachallenge

matcha teapigs 3When teapigs contacted me in December to ask if I would like to take part in their Janauary #matchchallenge I jumped at the chance. Having tried many of their teas before, I knew they had a great product – and was keen to try more. But I had never heard of Matcha Tea, and didnt know if its long list of benefits.

This little baby is a super powered green tea – bursting with goodness. Their Matcha is 100% organic green tea leaves, which are ground down to a fine powder. The leaves come from Japan, where it has been drunk by generations of Buddhist monks to keep them alert and focused during long days of meditation. Now – Im sure that being focused and alert appeals to a lot of us. And certainly without the use of coffee! Only recently have a turned to an afternoon coffee to give me a boost in the afternoon. But I am more than aware that the afternoon kick, will be followed by an early evening slump. So the thought of a natural alternative, with out the distinct highs and lows really appealed to me.

Matcha teapigs

I started my 2 week challenge with gusto – as I was in need of a big shake up after a very enjoyable, yet extremely indulgent Christmas break. The only speed bump I hit along the way was the flavour. After trying it for myself as the straight up little shot they suggest as one of the drinking options – I knew this was not a flavour I was going to relish. Green tea addicts seem to be keen enough on its taste, but I struggle through a cup as it is – and this intensified experience nearly turned me off this little superhero for good! But I am glad a persevered, as it didnt take long into my 2 week challenge for me to feel that little bit brighter than I had been after Christmas. I have been experiencing mild erectile dysfunction for several years but never had a serious problem until recently. It is mostly due to high level of stress with work and some other things. My doctor gave me a prescription for 20 mg of Levitra at https://levitra24online.com. I don’t feel like I need as much as 20 mg, so I cut the pill in half. I took it within an hour before going to bed, and just a few minutes later I felt its effect.

I found that the winning formula, for me – was a measure of Matcha in the sweet little shot glass they kindly sent me in the daily Matcha kit – with a healthy glug of pure orange. It hide the flavour without adding any sweeteners or honey as I needed to when it was combined with hot water or milk. They have menu recipes on the website – for everything from a Matcha Latte to Matcha Icecream! Though Im not sure Im going to be trying too many soon….. I keep debating adding it to my porridge, but Im too scared it will flavour it too heavily! And maybe make it green…..

matcha teapigs 2

Im not sure if the #matchachallenge has improved my skin, or is having any great effect on my weight – but Im not willing to chance my new morning bounce on anything else – and will be continuing to have a little shot of Matcha each morning! There are a few faces around Field Cottage that will be very happy to have me continue with my slightly earlier than normal mornings….. {no hints needed }

Rosa and Cwtch

And if you are looking for another tea to bring your basket up to free postage I would highly recommend the Liquorice & Mint – a perfect little touch of sweetness when you are trying to avoid raiding the cooking jar!

Have you tried introducing teapigs Matcha to your routine? What are your favourite herbal teas? I keep promising myself I will substitute more of my daily cuppas with something herbal….. Maybe this is my year 😉