terrific tarragon

so i find myself slacking on the ‘garden goodness’ series

time seems to of gotten away from me since my first post marvellous mint

i simply must do better!

and last week i found myself without any inspiration for dinner – and i was led towards the herb / veg patch

tarragon chicken pasta

2 lengths/stalk type thingys of tarragon – approx 4tbsp when chopped up

6 small mushrooms – sliced into slithers

200g of your favourite pasta

2 small red onions – diced

2 garlic cloves – finely sliced

150 mls single cream

2 chicken breasts – cut into small pieces

i cooked my chicken through first

meanwhile finely dicing my tarrogan

before removing the cooked chicken from the heat and setting to one side

this was when i started cooking my pasta – follow the instructions for your favourite kind!

add a dash olive to a hot pan – before adding the onion & garlic

once the onions begin to soften ( 2/3 minutes ) add the mushrooms

and gently fry until soft – about 6/8 minutes

then add the cream & tarragon & a tbsp of the pasta cooking water & bring to a simmer

it is easiest to time your pasta to be finished as the cream in starting to simmer – drain your pasta and run cool water over it to prevent the pasta from sticking together

and your chicken back into your tarragon cream mixture and stir for 2/3 minutes till the chicken is heated through

tip your pasta back into it’s cooking pot

followed by your tarragon cream mixture – and stir through – warming the pasta

pop into your serving bowls

et voila!

tarragon chicken pasta – and easy tasty mid week dinner for two!