Testing the Smoker

I bought M a smoker for Christmas – and we are just starting to experiment with it! I had been struggling with what to buy M – on hindsight I had plenty of pressies as it was. But really, who can resist a presents that really a joint present because I really want one too kinda addition…..

I found mine on Uk Fine Foods – as it was on offer, and it appears to still be on offer which is a bonus if any of you fancy giving smoking a go! It comes with Alder & Hickory wood chips, recipes & instructions – which makes it a perfect starter package. Though of course I neglected to read the description and have ended up with an insane amount of wood chips…. Ah well, an excuse to smoked everything in site 😉 The smoker itself is so sweet – a little on the small side, but grand if you will be smoking for 2. It fits x3 Mackerel fillets – though Im thinking if we had left the fish whole it would have taken the 2 fish just fine…. not sure if that would have worked smoking wise, but Ill experiment and see.

smoked mack1


It is really easy to use – select your wood chips ( probably the hardest bit… decisions, decisions! ) Pop them into the bottom off the smoker 9 we only used a tablespoon for the mackerel )- Place the drip tray on top and add your food. The lid then goes on, but not entirely closed over, leave a little gap and place on your hob, at a low heat. When smoke starts appearing at the opening close it over and wait 😀 The Mackerel only took 15 minutes and it was done!

We choose hickory, which on hindsight was not the best wood chip for the fish – however you live and learn! And it was enjoyable none the less ♥

Now I just need to write a list of potential smoking candidates …. Im currently thinking duck breast might be next? What smoked foods do you enjoy? Any suggestions?