The Best Hot Chocolate in Belfast


There is only one thing that can satisfy my sweet tooth on a cold weather shopping spree. The best hot chocolate in Belfast!

In fact, any trip to the big smoke means cradling a hot chocolate between my hands! My most recent trip to Belfast was a visit to St Georges Market this Saturday.Even though Autumn has only just begun, and temperatures are yet to drop – my first stop of the day was with Ní Cho for a dark chocolate hot chocolate!

The best hot chocolate in Belfast is not an easy thing to locate, but once you have you’ll be rewarded! Warming and comforting, a chocolatey burst of goodness is all I need to restore my energy and set me on my way for whatever may lie ahead.

Now, I know how disappointing it can be when your treat doesn’t manage to hit the spot. So although it’s been hard (not!!), I have done some extensive research so you don’t have to! So without any further ado here are my top three spots for a gratifying cup of hot chocolate.

The best hot chocolate in Belfast

Ground Espresso best hot chocolate in belfast

Ground Espresso

With three venues in close proximity to my favourite shopping locations, you are never too far away from a Ground Espresso. Their hot chocolate pairs perfectly with any one of their superb cakes or tray bakes. I dare you to walk past the cornflake mars bar bun without swooning, or the honeycomb beauty for that matter…. Their seasonal bakes are a treat to behold. Creme Egg chocolate muffins anyone? I’ve only just spotted their ‘freakshakes’ – there’s a Tunnocks Teacake one… It’s gonna be sampled soon – that’s for sure. I can also recommend giving their seasonal hot chocolate a go – my absolute favourite being the Orange Hot Chocolate. Served in plentiful amounts, in a trendy mason jar style mug, just remember to say yes to whipped cream!

Location: Multiple across Ireland – my current favourite is in Waterstones, 44 Fountain St, Belfast, BT1 5EE

co couture best hot chocolate in belfast

 Co Couture

Now, imagine how good an award-winning Gourmet Artisan Chocolate Hot Chocolate might be – and you are thinking of something nearly as good as this luxurious treat. I don’t anyone will be surprised to see Co Couture on my ‘best hot chocolate in belfast’ list! Thick and indulgent, served with cream and homemade marshmallows, this an an experience not to be rushed. And don’t forget to take some chocolates home for later, you are bound to have cravings later!

Location: 2 Chichester St, Belfast, BT1 4LA

Ní Cho

Located in Northern Ireland’s award-winning indoor market, Ní Cho can provide you with the ideal accompaniment to your morning stroll around the stalls. You can choose your own mix of white, milk and dark for your hot chocolate creating your perfect blend. On this occasion I chose the dark chocolate, whilst My companion opted for the milk. The dark was rich and deep, whilst the milk was distinctly sweeter, with a lovely cream finish. Both came with a chocolate of your chosen variety – and were very much enjoyed. I’m plotting a trip to the market in the near future to sample the white chocolate version.

Location: St. Georges Market, Donegall Quay, Belfast, BT1 3LA

As always I am open to suggestions – I am keen to try even more hot chocolates. Obv. Im not sure I will ever quell my hunger / thirst for the cosy liquid!