The best the sea has to offer …..

Last week I had the luxury of a Saturday off – and I spent the morning in my favourite way – wandering aimlessly around St.Georges Market with a friend – taking in the sights & smells & enjoying many treats along the way

though when i say aimlessly – this is very much a  lie – for i do have my mind set on one thing – a glorious feast for the evening ahead!

and this week was no exception 😀 i left with arms full of local seafood – thankfully – as i had some unexpected visitors 🙂 everything went down a treat – with a bottle of castro martin albarino to boot!

some gorgeous whitebait – tossed in cornflour & popped into a pan of hot oil – devoured with a generous dip of homemade mayo

yummy yummy squid – tossed in cornflour, salt, pepper & paprika – fried in oil and enjoyed with some harissa stirred through the aforementioned mayo

langoustines popped under the grill – perfection 😀

now when can i get back there again………