The Joy of #SnailMail

snailmail 2

Recently I have rediscovered the simple pleasure of sending & receiving little parcels of love through the mail. I have mentioned A Bright Project in a previous post – however, that was only the begin of this years postal adventure!

I spent a few evenings wandering around the internet looking for like minded folk, who would enjoy exchanging little snippets of their lives with me. I love a good chance to learn how somebody else mind works…. ok so that might sound a little creepy. But you get me, right? lol People fascinate me – I wanna know them all, from all over…. tell me your story peoples 😉

Anyhow… Maybe you fancy writing a few letters? Finding a few buddies? Here are my two top places so far!

The Postal Society – This website is a groovy location for finding fun monthly challenges and swops, along with regular pen friends. Also a very active forum that you can chat away on, and nosey at everyones pretty mail art. Some folk are soooo creative – #notme They also have a fab instagram feed too – with lots of activity on their hashtag #postalsociety 🙂

#PostCircle – Anna from Tea with Miss Beatrix set up this wonderful international postal swap. First off you shoot them an email to let them know you would love to join in. They will send you a short questionnaire, which allows them to pair you up with a group of people with a few similar interests! I have received to letters so far, and already love my little group of ladies #pinkfootedgoose 😉

Writing a long rambling letter will be great way to while away the up and coming winter evenings. Is there much more fun then spending an hour covering an envelope in washi tape? Yeah – I thought not! And who doesnt like to receive something in the mail that isnt a bill? Or crappy brochure?

Of course, the very act of posting has changed soooo much over the past 5/10 years. So you need to remember all the options! Especially if you are sending parcels rather than letters, or need them to arrive quickly! You can get quotes online, so make sure to give a few different ones a check! Royal Mail & TNTare both good options!

snail mail 1

So many friends have been made – connections over the ocean, in the UK and beyond. And I recently had a chance to meet some of the lovelies I have been writing too in person. Making pen pals into real life buddies 🙂 A great experience, and I cant wait to organise a second visit in the new year <3

Do you enjoy writing / reading a good letter? How did it all start?