the king of garlic!!!

i recently spotted this garlic during a trip to lidl

and they jolted a memory i have of someone explaining to me about a giant garlic clove you can get in lidl – one their mother ( ? ) raves about – because you only have to peel the very outside away!!! – and you are left with a GIANT garlic clove?!?! surely not?!?!

but yes! it is a giant garlic clove!!!! – i just peeled back the first layer of skin – and BAM – all garlic!!! – more garlic than you would ever need for a single recipe – in on peeling of a clove! none of this fiddly craziness!!

it looks unreal! – can you even begin to understand my joy at not having to peel garlic cloves one by one! it could be sliced, as an onion might be!!!

so i did a little hunting to work out what the heck was going on with this garlic!

and i found out here ( even though the post is a little aged ) that this wonder was chinese garlic!

it is a little bit milder than normal garlic – but because it is harder to save the cloves, i would be inclined to use the whole thing – so this would work well!

i think this is going to become a regular on my shopping list! I am looking forward to trying some roasted!