The Perfect Picnic Salad!

sunshine saladPicnic season it upon us – or at least it was upon us until I started drafting this post! This week included x3 picnics in the space of three days ♥ A night time delight in the courtyard with M & the furry people, a Chick Trail and luncheon picnic with Jools & her little people and a sneaky sandwich and cuppa out the back in between messages. This salad was part of the lunch time picnic – which is probably my favourite kind. Leisurely lunching suits me 😉 And this turned out to be the perfect picnic salad!

SUNSHINE SALADThis salad was not only the perfect picnic salad, but also fabulously easy to throw together – requiring only a titchy but of preparation.

Who am I kidding – NO PREPARATION – you can chuck the ingrediants into a rucksack and whip in together on spec if you like 😉

The Perfect Picnic Salad!

Serves 2

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  • 4 Slices of Serrano Ham - or other similar equivalent
  • 10 Mini Balls of Mozzarella
  • 1/2 Large Bag of Mixed Salad Leaves - I used Rocket, Pea Shoots and Spinach
  • Approx 6 large sun blushed tomatoes - in oil


  1. First prepare the Serrano Ham & Tomatoes. Using sharp scissors, or a knife if you want - cut them both into slender strips.Set to one side.
  2. Add your mixed leaves to the container you intend to transport / serve in.
  3. Pop the Serrano Ham, Tomatoes & Mozzarella on top - followed by a healthy glug of the oil your Tomatoes can in.
  4. Mix gently with open fingers.
  5. DONE #yum


Best enjoyed on a Tartan Picnic blanket though – so I am currently going ebay crazy looking for one the same as this beauty that Jools brought with her.

Summer SaladDo you have a go to picnic dish? Id love to hear about them – Im looking for inspiration!