The Photo Gallery – New

This weeks photo prompt from the gallery is NEW

I am only in my second week of the gallery – but am already enjoying being able in interpret the prompts my own way


This in Beatrice – she is in the process of trying to create NEW life 🙂

I am pretty new to the hen keeping game – with only getting my first girls this time last year. One of the biggest challenges seems to be arguing with broody hens! So I have decided to give in! I currently have two girls – Beatrice, one of leg horn girlies, pictured above – & Blossom, one of my 2 silkie crosses – sitting on some eggs.

I’m not stressing – what will be will be – but I’d be lying if said I’d not be disappointed if we don’t end up with one or two babies!

Beatrice is on day 4 & Blossom is on day 9!