21 Things To Do In December


December. You are beautiful. Cold & dark, but oh so beautiful… 

We often forget your beauty during the Christmas rush. Darting between work, and home. Stopping to gather up gifts for our nearest and dearest. Possibly having a glass of wine or two at a Christmas gathering. Sleeping too little, working to much.

December – I often curse you silently. You don’t deserve it. I know we make our own choices. I should slow down. We should all slow down. Allow ourselves to appreciate each month of the year for its individual character.

December – Christmas isn’t your only charm. I’ve gathered a whole host of things to do in December, to truly help us embrace the months good points.

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Things to do in December

1. Count the stars. I’m lucky enough to be able to admire the night sky almost everyday. If you live in the city, I highly recommend escaping the light to locate the darkness.

2. Cosy up by the fire. Wood burning stove. Check ✔

3. Surprise a friend with home baked goods. Baking is therapeutic. But you can’t always eat it all yourself. Parcel up some treats for a friend. A little bundle of cookies can only be well received.

4. Toast marshmallows. 


5. Write Christmas cards. Write them properly. Don’t just scrawl down a name and a few kisses. Use all that space to tell your friends and family what’s been going on this year, and what you hope for in 2017. Tell them you love them. 

6. Drink sparkling wine. Enjoy what ever your favourite form of sparkle is. Champagne? Prosecco? Moscato? You do you! But do you sparkling.

7. Create a meaningful celebration of  the winter solstice. Winter solstice is one of the oldest celebrated holidays and marks the first official day of winter. Perhaps choose to not use electricity on the night of the solstice. Instead enjoy the darkest night of the year by candlelight.

8. Wear a bobble hat. ALL winter really. It has to be done. Add a Christmas jumper why don’t ya!

9. Plant some winter colour. Hardy Cyclamen are my favourite.

10. Collect kindling. Only a good option if you have a fire… but wandering collecting fallen branches ( mini ones, obv. ) is a relaxing way to spend an active half an hour. Bring a big bag!

11. Adventure by torch light. Another one best done in the countryside, or perhaps at the beach.

12. Plan a mini get away for January. Even if it’s just a couple of days at home, off work – with lots of local exploration. It’s good to have something to look forward to in the coming year.

13. Make Truffles. I have a particular good recipe coming up…


14. Take time to appreciate Jack Frosts beautiful work.

15. Collect greenery. Forage for a few pieces of seasonal colour for your home. Just be sure to forage responsibly. There are creatures out there that rely on those holly berries you covet.

Things to do in December - Christmas countdown

18. Do an easy Christmas DIY. I adore Heather’s ‘How many days ’til Christmas?’ countdown. It’d looks beautiful in Field Cottage, and I’m certain I have all of the materials in my stock pile!

19. Feed the birds. The cold weathers gives you the perfect opportunity to help our feathered friends.

20. Paint your nails red. I know. Outrageous. But it’s allowed cos it’s Christmas. Or ALL of the glitter. As if you need an excuse!

21. Watch Christmas movies. ALL DAY. Lights off, candles on – don’t forget the onsie!

What will you be doing in December to take a moment back for yourself?