18 Things To Do In January

January. You are a strange month.

We make resolutions, hoping for a bright new start… but in reality there are no bright starts in January. It’s all dark and miserable. In fact – January is even darker than December. There always seems to be more cloud cover, meaning the days don’t seem to stretch at all. Despite the Winter solstice marking the days starting to extend.

For me, January is a month for recuperation.

I make plans. Of course I do. But most of the action is put on hold until February or March. Mother Nature chooses then to awaken, and who am I to question her good self!

Ok January. Lets be having you. Easy does it…

Things to do in January

1. Buy Gin. Ok so maybe you don’t like gin, but buy your favourite tipple. I bet Christmas visitors went and drunk it on ya didn’t they? Replace it. Spoil yourself! There’s good reason that this is top of my things to do in January list…

2. Clean out the fridge. I can’t be the only one who seems to stock pile condiments all December? Plan meals around what you have left, don’t let them go to waste.

3. Sign up for a free class. Learn something. When it’s free, it can be anything that takes your fancy and you don’t need to feel guilty if it doesn’t float your boat once you get stuck in. I’m a huge fan of FutureLearn. They have everything from Spanish for beginners, to the Food History.

4. Reread one of your favourite books. We all have them, books we return to in time of need. A little escapism for the mind. A favourite of mine is The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

5. Organise your computer. Clear out your desktop. Organise your photos. It’ll make you feel good. I promise.

6. Hit the tail end of the post-Christmas sales. I like to look out for bargain Christmas decors and pretty wrapping paper. Come around the 10th of January the selection may be depleted but the savings will be maximised.

7. Organise a date with someone you haven’t seen for a while. Christmas can make it hard to catch up with friends. Now you need to catch up on lost time!

8. Sort out that closet. 2017 is my year of less. I’m starting with my excess clothing. We can do this!

9. Purge your Facebook. I know this might cement me in your mind as an old woman BUT Facebook is for friends. Not someone you met once on holiday in 2012. Or for stalking old school friends you wouldn’t chat to in the supermarket. #JustSaying

10. Give blood. I am putting this here for me. I have never donated blood. This needs to change. January is when this is gonna change. Join me? All info you need for the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service is right here.

11. Recycle your Christmas Tree. Don’t let him go to waste. We like to burn him on the fire… but if I could shred him and use him for mulch I would.

12. Go to bed early. I am a early to bed, early to rise kinda gal. I highly recommend it. And dark evenings are the best time to kick start this habit! It’s dark at 5pm, surely 5hours later its time for bed?

13. Draw something. Colour in. Paint. Embrace your creativity. I’ve signed up for a Petal Studio’s Botanical Illustration class & I can’t blooming wait!

14. Choose a word for 2017. As far as things to do in January go, make resolutions is usually up there. I challenge you to pick a word instead. It doesn’t hold the same overwhelming threat a resolution can hold over you. Read all about it my choice here.

15. Bake something new. Try something you are yet to master. I’ve always been a useless cookie baker. This is gonna change…

16. Give a damn. Care. What you put in is often what you get out. If you don’t give a damn, don’t do it. Maybe this should be our resolution.

17. Take a break. I know our holiday days are valuable, but January is time for recharging. Take a few days off. DO NOTHING.

18. Rescue a plant. Bringing the outdoors in is something I’ve always done. My computer desk is slowly starting to resemble a jungle and I LOVE it. There always seem to be rejected Christmas plants reduced in the garden centres this time of year. Go forth and save yourself a house plant!

What’s top of your list of things to do in January? Do you have anything you like to do to help you prepare for the year ahead?