time for a cosy dinner – mexican chicken corn wraps


since the summer seems to of packed up and left early for christmas in Oz, it must be time to start indulging in some warm and cosy meals…. you know the type – the ones that begin to heat you up, just from the snuggly smells sneaking out of the kitchen!

sunday was one of those days – we needed a meal that would hug us – and luckily i had just such a thing up my sleeve!

mexican chicken corn wraps


3 chicken breasts

1 small red onion finely diced

3 garlic cloves finely diced

400g tinned tomatoes

1 tsp brown sugar

4 dried chipotle  ( i found these in tescos )

1 shallot

to serve

corn wraps

mature cheddar ( grated )

sour cream

mixed leaves


start by heating your pan up nice and hot – then add the onions, closely followed by the garlic

watch closely until the onions begin to soften


 meanwhile soak your chillies for 5 minutes


before removing, drying ……


& finely chopping – there are only 2 chillies in these pictures, but i found that added little heat and wound up using 4


once the onions have begun to brown, add the brown sugar & chipotle chillies to the mix


closely followed by the tin of tomatoes – i just broke them up with my trusty spatula – but you could use chopped tomatoes to save you having to do so….


 then pop in the chicken breasts


and spoon over the sauce

the chicken will need approximately 20mins to cook at a med to high heat


meanwhile grab your shallot


and slice her up into lovely little rings


make sure to turn your chicken over after 10minutes or so, and re coat with sauce



once the chicken is cooked through – remove from the pan

make sure to scrap all the sauce back into the pan for maximum yumminess 😀

using 2 forks, shred the chicken ( yup it looks like loads – well it is loads…. )


before adding the chicken back to the sauce and mixing through

remove from heat – sprinkle with your onions ringletties – and voila!


yummy, yummy warm cosiness


spooned into warm corn wraps, rolled up, and devoured!

no better way to snuggle your tummy, whilst the wind in battering field cottage!