Time for something new!


it doesnt seem all that long ago that my buddy @abernethybuddy retweeted this tweet from @williamrhaire

kid goats – yes please!

as life goes – it took me a little longer than hoped to organise to get up to the farm to meet William & Sarah – & to collect my goat – but it was worth it 100x

ready for a little cuteness over load?


so these little chappies are the new recruits – but dont let their sweet cuddliness put you off! ( arent lambs also gorgeous? ) These little chaps have spent a long time being bi-products of the dairy industry – unlikely to get much further than a week or two into their lives.

And despite this not being a welfare issue – it is however a hideously wasteful process. What a waste of life – and as far as I can tell so far a waste of very tasty life……


and this is where William & Sarah come in! It was a real pleasure to meet these two lovely people – their passion for the little critters is inspiring – and the twitter campaign to get the local chefs trying the product seems to be going well – with UluruSquare Bistro creating fabulous dishes – amongst others!


 this fabulously large box of goat is what we came home with! And after sharing some with our buddies @belfastbites & @shakeysemple

and so the #gugo was born ( great ulster goat off ) – from here on in we shall be testing recipes amongst us – & hopefully remembering to tag them with #gugo

our first goaty get together went a little like this!


and it was a great place to start thanks to @shakeysemple – I am currently eyeing up a river cottage recipe for lamb leg roasted in hay…. watch this space 😉