to eat or not to eat – now that is the question!

so – today whilst out a wandering in the fields behind the cottage, with the troublesome trio – i couldnt help but notice the array of mushrooms that seem to of popped up over night!

it is hard to look at such lovely looking morsels and not be tempted to scavenge some away for tea – but my mushroom knowledge is zilch – so best to be safe than sorry

nikon 23.08.11 pm 110

i love these two

they look like they carefully planned their where abouts – allowing them to cuddle up close

nikon 23.08.11 pm 079
nikon 23.08.11 pm 076

this little bunch of yellow articles look like someone small and slimey might of got to them before me

the yellow colour certainly doesnt make them look like something i would consider popping in my mouth…. they look toxic!

nikon 23.08.11 pm 093

this little puff ball type is so sweet – and the little slimey fellow on the right hand side certainly thinks it looks edible!

nikon 23.08.11 pm 082
nikon 23.08.11 pm 095

this was by far the biggest and most visually attractive mushroom – with all my fingers out stretched i still wouldnt of been able to rich either side of the top ( my hands are small – but not totally mini! )

nikon 23.08.11 pm 084
nikon 23.08.11 pm 086

it is hard to resist this little gem – well largish gem

is there anyone out there with a good knowledge of mushrooms?