today i went to a restaurant for lunch – sort of….

so – matt & i where out today …. and this always requires a lunch break

my mum & dad had recently been full of praise for a meal they had in our local m & s restaurant …….

that’s right folks, not a cafe, a RESTAURANT –  who woulda though! I certainly wouldnt of – and must say, wasnt expecting much….

though on arrival, we where greated by a ‘wait to be seated sign’ and obediently obeyed – in no time at all we where pleasantly greeted and whisked away to our table

the interior met much critisim from matt – at one point he likened it to an easyjet restaurant…. but it didnt really bother me. it was clean and bright, with fun swivel chair 😀

i also had a soft spot for the menus – kind of funky – and the wall art ( which i neglected to take any pics of – sorry 🙁 ) was similar


the menu has a wide variety of options – and included a ‘dine out for £10’ deal which included a main course, dessert & glass of wine – not a bad menu – however we both ended up choosing off the main menu

it took a while for our order to be taken – but an apology for the length of time was offered with out any question, and minutes later our order was in

we started off with a bread selection – a nice selection with a chilli bread we particularly liked

however at this point we where still waiting for our drinks which was pretty disappointing – but they where delivered with a smile in the end

unfortunately our mains flew outta the kitchen before we had hardly started the bread – maybe i was wrong to assume this wouldnt be the case….

Matt had the chorizo & seafood salad – it consisted of small prawns, queenie scallops, and lots of squid – over all a pretty decent dish with good tender squid with the smokey salty chorizo flavouring all the fish well

and i ordered the lasagne & this wasnt a bad choice at all – lots of nice thin layers and plenty of flavour – a nice size portion too

decent value lunch, good food, and not totally efficient  but very friendly service

however – does it deserve the title of ‘restaurant’ – well sort of….

its hard to define what a restaurant has to be, wikipedia says

A restaurant (play/ˈrɛstərənt/ or /ˈrɛstərɒnt/French: [ʁɛʁɑ̃]) prepares and serves food and drink to customers in return for money.

which would lead you to the conclusion, that yes, marks and sparks have succeeded in creating a restaurant  – but to me it feel its more of a cafe/bistro, with friendly table service – and certainly worth a visit if you are in marksies and fancy a bite to eat – it is far superior to any m&s cafe i have been to! But a restaurant makes me think of something a little more special.

In short – if next time Matt is treating me to a dinner out – he pulls up outside marks and spencers – i’ll not be too pleased. But, if we have around the area at lunch time again, i may well pop in!

What do you think? Is it a restaurant or not?