Top #5 tips for a day in the countryside

I am blessed ( or not depending on your point of view ) to live in the countryside. I have never been a city dweller, always living in the out skirts of towns as I grew up. But now, as you know, field cottage is my abode – and I love waking up in the morning & taking the pooches out whilst still wearing my pjs 😉 Its the little things! lol

During the Summer, people do seem to gravitate towards the coast & countryside – I dont blame you! Everything is more beautiful when the sun is shining – so I thought I would share my top tips for a glorious day out amoungst the greeness 🙂


1) Dress sensibly – I can not stress enough, the importance of taking sensible clothing. So far this year, we have had ALOT of sunshine. This is super awesome, I know …. but in no way guarantees that the weather will be that way when you choose to go for a day trip. Im a sucker for organising garden parties / boat trips etc a week or so in advance – THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE SENSIBLE CLOTHING!! Yup I am playing Mammy here – put the flip flops down!!! Or maybe sneak them into your beach / picnic bag? I know its nice to paddle in the waves and that little stream, but it is also highly likely that you will be traipsing through mud, over rocks & through long grass at some point. You dont want them tootsies getting cut, or getting ticks climbing up your little legs… not cool – I might tell you a story about that some time…. Wellies & a light weight jacket DO IT!!! Check out the beautiful options from e-outdoor – Come Autumn a few of these treasures may appear in field cottage…. ♥

Dakota Mount Stewart

2) Take a friend – Sure take lots of friends! But for me a trip to the countryside is not complete with out at least of one of our furries. Furry or otherwise, it is nice to have some one to share the lovely day with. But please remember to be responsible. If your bundle of fluff likes to torture sheep, cattle or other people dogs, keep them close & if necessary – on a lead! You & woofster will both enjoy yourselves more if you aren’t shouting at each other continuously. Trust me, I learnt the hard way….

snail camera

3) Capture the moment – But not all the moments! I love to snap parts of my day, too many parts of my day infact. This Summer I am trying not to capture ALL of the moments. Because it makes the moments all frozen & less lived. Poor Matt is torture with photo moments! Ok so this is a weird tip…. but the tip is bring a camera / phone, take some piccies of the beauty – but then stop! Smell the fresh country air & chillax!

bake before you go


4) Bake before you go – Now dont get me wrong, sometimes it can be a great joy to go along to a sweet little cafe in the littlest of villages – but often this doesnt work out so well. So I always try and pack some goodies for munching along the way. These Strawberry Crumble Muffins would be perfect or some Cinnamon scones. Remember a flask too – itll keep your tea warm or your elderflower cordial cool 🙂 Hydration is your friend!


5) Enjoy the sun – but not too muchPaddle in the waves, frolick in the fields – embrace the summer sunshine, but whatever you do DONT FORGET THE SUNSCREEN! Im not much of a fan of sunbathing, but I know many people love soaking up the rays. Sunshine is good for the soul after all – and your vitamin D levels. But those rays dont do all good things ya know! Make sure you wear an appropriate level or protection at all times, and reapply when you are in and out of the water!

Any trips to the countryside / beach planned? What else do you need to perfect your day? Im thinking I could add at least another ten onto my list…..