UFUUD – Like an Italian

Italian food is one of weakness’s – ok, so lets me honest here. Food is my weakness. But there is something about a big bowl of pasta, with fresh sauce and too much mozzarella that can make the darkest days ( or the worst of hangovers 😉 ) seem that little bit better. So when Italian based start up UFUUD contacted me, offering me the chance to give their website a whirl – I was more than happy to do so. Their aim is to bring superior quality Italian Food right to your table. And they can do that for you where ever on the globe you are!


Now – it wasnt easy picking what would be jetting its way over the ocean to Northern Ireland. The website is fabulous. Just as I am sitting here writing this post – I have the website open. And a little chat box on the bottom right has popped up asking if I need any help. I LOVE that. And if the friendly internet chat isnt enough, each product has the PDO and helpful chef notes. The chefs notes are particularly helpful should you order something you havent used before. Or even for a little inspiration.

Take the Parmigiano Reggiano Cream for example – made solely from Parmigiano Reggiano PDO. Something I had never had the pleasure of tasting before, and was happy to have a little guidance. The chefs notes say its delicate cream to be added on pasta or to smear on toast bread for an irresistible aperitif. And I can testify to the fact that it was AWESOME on sourdough toast ♥


italian2But, as usual – pasta won the top vote of the day. I can feel a bulk buy of the jarred sauces going on. Of course fresh sauce is the best – but if you have to use a jar, these are the ones to keep in the cupboard just in case. I chose the Aubergine sauce – and I was not disappointed. Along with the Conditonno al Peperoncino – lovely lightly spiced tuna. It made a great mid week dinner. Minimum effort for maximum results – Noms!

And just in case you are interested, here’s a list of everything I ordered. I am still coming up with what I shall be doing with the Polenta – but I am expecting inspiration to hit any time now!

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
Luganega Sausage 200 g SALBU001 1 £4.50
Parmigiano Reggiano Cream 180 g CONAM002 1 £4.70
Buckwheat Gnocchetti 500 g PASMF003 1 £2.30
Bronze-Extruded Casarecci 500 g PASCA004 1 £2.90
Artemide Black Rice in a Box 1 kg RISBU002 1 £5.30
Arborio Rice 500 g RISPR003 1 £2.90
Coarse White Flour for Polenta 500 g FARMF005 1 £1.90
Conditonno al Peperoncino 180 g CONCO006 1 £5.30
Ready-Made Aubergine Sauce 280 g SUGAN002 1 £4.00
Orange Blossom Honey 250 g MIEMI002 1 £6.00


Now I just need to treat myself to a trip to Italy to taste all these goodies in situ! What are your favourite Italian foods? And where do you usually get them?

*UFUUD gave me a gift voucher to use on their website – however, as always, my opinions are entirely my own.