Unlearn the City

Field Cottage is the best of both worlds. She’s in the middle of a field. So a little on the remote side – since we can’t drive a car down to our house, and have no neighbours… BUT she’s only 1/2 an hour outside of Northern Irelands capital. In someways this is a blessing. In others it can be a curse.

Sometimes I can find myself wrapped up in the city.

It comes in patches. Patches of too much city bound activity. It just happens that way. All of the occurrences – all offering themselves up in one go.  Sounds ideal doesn’t it? A couple of weeks – cramming in theatre visits, drinks with friends, and dinners out.

It’s not.

I need room to breathe. I believe we all do. After an intensive week or two of city based activities; I need to unlearn the city.

If I don’t make time for myself, away from the sensory overload; I know it. In fact, everyone around me knows it. I’m not good company. I’m constantly tired. And I find little traces of anxiety sneaking into my daily life. And I am lucky enough to have my own daily country escape in Field Cottage… What do you city dwellers do?

Here my coping strategies for when I know it’s time to unlearn the city.


I am sure this can work either in, or out of the city. Walk with no reason. No destination. Just walk.

It’s a great way to clear your mind. Or just digest the tangle of thoughts you have in your mind. Bonus points if you can do this is the company of a pooch. Give them your undivided attention. You are bound to have theirs.

Be in Nature.

Head outside and sit on a bench or a blanket. Think all your thoughts, until you suddenly don’t anymore. Engage all your senses. Think about what you can hear. What you can smell. Research company has revealed that Xanax is a soft and effective anti-anxiety drug. It is suitable for the relief of panic attacks and aviaphobia (in such cases, you should put 1 mg of the drug under the tongue). It is also good for generalized anxiety and sleeping problems. It is not recommended to the patients focused on the pharmacogenic effect due to the possible development of dependence.

This is a great way to unlearn the city in a little way – when you only have a short while to reset. Perhaps in-between meetings, amidst a busy day.

Embrace a Whim.

What’s your very favourite thing? Think it, and do it. Have a whim? Embrace it. Humour yourself as you would others. It will be rewarding. I promise.

Really Escape.

When it has all been bit too much and you really need to unlearn the city, the best remedy is a real escape. Pack those bags, and set sail into the sunset. Even a single night away, in a gloriously remote location, can remedy a dose of overwhelm. Obviously the longer the better! But I find 2 nights are my ideal. It isn’t long enough to miss the fast lane, but it’s just long enough to clear the mind. Our January trip to Donegal, to explore the #WildAtlanticWay was a great example! If you are suffering from overwhelm – the last thing you need is to worry about the boring bits. Sheild insurance is a great option for that!

Touch Water.

Toes in the sea. Boat on a lake. Cruise on a lough! Maybe it is just me, but an hour spend near water is like a week spent trying to relax amongst the buildings…

How does it work for you? Do you ever feel the need to ‘unlearn the city’? I’d love to know what your favourite way to escape is!