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Valentines Gifts

Valentines Collage

 Itty Bitty Book CompanyBearded Candle Makers | Cutlery Commission | Arbee Cards | NI Silver | Made Pretty

Even though we arent major Valentines day kinda people, I do like a good excuse to buy something special from one of my favourite local ( or nearly local ) companies. Heres a few of my picks for this Valentines – wonder if you can guess what M will be receiving on February the 14th ♥ Im off to St Georges Market on Saturday – so I expect I might be treating myself to one of the above too…..

Id love to do more posts on my favourite local businesses – so expect more info on all of the above soon! In the mean time, Id love to hear about your top spots for a bit of shopping – maybe I can find some new favourites ♥