Visiting Borough Market? You probably should!

borough market

All too often – when I happen to go somewhere incredible, I am ill prepared. Though perhaps that is part of what makes them such great moments. Preparation can be the enemy of enjoyment, don’t you think? Unfortunately that often means that the best moments aren’t always captured particularly well, but hopefully I can embellish my slightly sub standard photography ( grrr mobile phones ) with a few words.

Borough Market truly took me by surprise. Minimal research was helped along by the fact my partner in crime for the day had decided that she would not be swayed on her quest to find the Market.

I am no stranger to a trip to London. Having been there in May, and in fact heading there again next week. However somehow Borough Market had not yet featured in my plans. Plans that are generally somewhat rigid – and based around my favourite restaurants and more often than not a game of rugby! But I am relaxing my control in my old age ( or at least trying ) and was more than happy to be steered in what turned out to be the right direction.

We didn’t manage to take in 1/2 of what I would have liked too – mainly because the human stomach just can’t take enough food to sample all the goodies. But here’s what I thought of what we did do…

Laura visits – Borough Market Stalls & Eateries

  •  Admired Richard Bramble kitchen ware – I am pretty sure I need ALL of the shellfish bowls. And EVERYTHING with a rooster on it ♥
  • We were fascinated by the wonderful choice of drinks to stroll about with. Not only was there an incredible amount of exotic sounding juice and smoothies. But you could enjoy a prosecco spritzer or a glass of pimms, amongst other tipples – as you took in the hustle and bustle. Not something that would be allowed in our wee country unfortunately. But adds to the holiday vibe!
  • LOVED this wall. Insights into the human mind. And very lovely human minds they seem to be too. For the most part anyhows…
  • Shellseekers Dorset Hand Dived Scallops – not to be missed. Fresh Scallops, cooked before your very eyes – roe still attached for maximum flavour and wonderful texture. Bean sprouts, wild garlic, bacon. DONE.
  • Artisan du Chocolat – they sell little backs of the chocolates that don’t meat their exacting standards for the boxes of beauties. I am mainly upset I didnt buy them all. Who cares what they look like. They taste like heaven. And at £2.50 a bag, heaven is a bargain.
  • Sweet Roots, who happened to be next to the above – tempted me to buy another purchase to smuggle home in my rucksack. I know it is a real love/hate product, but if you are a lover like me their selection is endless. I went with violet drops in the end. And I still have about 4 left….. 4 tiny little nuggets of happiness ♥
  • We fancied a little sit down, so when we spotted what appeared to be a wine bar – we jumped on it! Bedales of Borough is an inviting little spot on the edge of the market. With seating both in the bar / restaurant itself, alongside barrels on the outside – which is actually the interior of the market, where we sat. Perfect for surveying the on goings of the market and of course people watching. Their wine list is a treat – with tasting options, as well as by the glass and bottle. The menu lends itself to my favourite way of dining. Mix and match dishes to enjoy with friends – the perfect way to indulge in as many dishes as possible. The stand out dish of the day was stuffed dates with chorizo, manchego, cream cheese and streaky bacon. #yum

Borough Markey Richard Bramble Borough Market Prosecco Spritzer Borough Market London Borough Market Scallops Borough Market Bedales Bedales Borough Market

Be sure to sample some of the delights of Borough Market on your next visit to London. Just don’t limit yourself to these morsels – wander around and soak it all in bit by bit. And make sure to report back! Over planning mightn’t be great – but hints and tips from friends most certainly are ♥