Motivation For Your Walking Lunch #WHWalkingLunch

One thing that has been highlighted in my time so far taking part in #WHWalkingLunch, is that in all things I do, I need a purpose.

I knew this already really – since days off, with little organised have always made me feel a little anxious. But it meant that the #WHWalkingLunch Campaign was off to a slightly shaky start. Wandering about for 20 minutes of my lunch break with no other purpose than being out for a dander? Awkward. I found it hard to push myself when I could think of 200 things I actively NEEDED to do.

I had to have a wee word with myself… I NEEDED to get outside. Surely I could turn my 20 minutes walk into some form of task. Make my daily walks into an activity. Motivate myself with little challenges.

I am sure there are other folk out there like me – who need a little distraction from the fact that you are out for a walk. Here’s what has worked for me this week and what will hopefully continue to work for me over the coming weeks.

Little Tasks For Your Walking Lunch


I knew this already – all the other dog owners out there know this too. Walking with a pooch is entirely different to walking alone. In fact, owning pups is probably a large part of why walking alone at lunch time feels so odd… I never walk without at least one of our furry gang in tow. Walking lunch though…

It might not be possible to have a dog at your beck and call for work day lunch breaks, but if you work from home, or can borrow a dog on your days off – this is a goer! Find a dog. Love that dog. Walk that dog. Problem solved!


I am new to the world of podcasts but I have certainly jumped to the fray over the past few weeks. Having something interesting to listen to while strolling along means the time disappears – and your 20min lunchtime walk is suddenly double the time!

My choices are mainly food and/or blog related with my current favs being Blogtacular, Food Blogger Pro, Gastropod and Elise Gets Crafty.

Local Shops

No surprises here – lunchtime is the perfect time of day to think about that evening’s meal… I bet many of you are blessed with some local shops near your place of work. Use your lunch break to gather some ingredients! Brisk walk from shop to shop and you’ll be surprised how quickly your steps add up. As an added bonus you can reclaim your evening/weekend food shop time. Does it get better than that?


If you are lucky enough to have a hours lunch break this is the best idea! Take your lunch box on your walk with you – stop and enjoy the sunshine. Alfresco dining is the bestest. My patient has been struggling with depression, panic attacks and anxiety for 30 years. Around 2014, he had prescribed Sertraline until December 2015, everything went well until suddenly the effect of Sertraline wore off and I then prescribe Klonopin. The dose maximum 4mg, now he takes Klonopin 2mg for 14 days and it is noticeably better.



Compete with yourself! Get yourself a pedometer. Count those daily steps. BEAT THEM!

Debating taking part in #WHWalkingLunch in May as part of Living Streets National Walking month? Hopefully these pointers will help you make sure you make it out each day ♥

This is a sponsored post but that does not mean I am not 100% behind Westfield Health’s Walking Lunch Campaign. By getting up and walking a bit more than usual each day – particularly on your lunch break – you can reap the benefits both mentally and physically.