5 Ways to Spend an Autumn Evening

picjumbo.com_HNCK9627Autumn – that wonderful season nestled in between the heat ( HA! ) of Summer & the crisp cool days of Winter.

When I say wonderful, I mean the painful decline in weather and loss of sunlight. If it wasn’t for the promise of Christmas & possible snowfall to come – I’m not sure I could deal with Autumn so well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am full of love for Autumn days; the stunning colours and gentle warmth that remains in the air. It’s the Autumn evenings I need to prepare myself for. Finishing work at 7 means I lose all motivation to adventure, and after a swift visit to Cody and Cub ( my mares ) I tend to gravitate towards the sanctuary of my living room.

But Autumn evenings needn’t be a sorry affair. I have been stockpiling my favourite activities to share with you – so without further ado; here are my favourite ways to spend an Autumn evening.

My 5 Favourite Ways to Spend an Autumn Evening

Mexican Chicken_edited

Wine, Food, Candles!

Light some candles, cook up a storm and select a fitting wine. Whether you live alone, with family, or with a loved one; take the opportunity to spoil yourselves with your favourite meal, whatever day of the week it is! Check out these Mexican Chicken Corn Fajitas ( OMFG from 2011! ) for an easy, hearty, swoon-worthy dinner for any amount of people. Pair it with a warming spicy red; such as a Lebanese or South African blend and light the fire. Perfecto!

game-768514_1280Hot Chocolate & Board Games

I find one of the best ways to unwind is to focus on something new. Get your hands on your favourite childhood board games, make a decadent mug of hot cocoa and spent some quality time competing with your nearest & dearest. Just don’t let it get too heated!

biscotti oven

Baking Treats

Yeah – so I’ve eventually started to get my act together & get my bake on. Life requires good cake, and homemade always tastes better! It must be one of the very best ways to spend an Autumn evening… Next on the list are these Biscotti; they are a corker – I promise!


Movie Night

With the rise of Netflix and Amazon prime we are never short of good movies to watch; or tv shows to binge on should the chance occur. Turn the lights of, whip up some popcorn and create your own cinema at home. Only it’s better than home – cos you can wear your jammies, curl up under a blanket and drink wine!

mattGet Outside

The weather is a little on the grey side, but that shouldn’t mean you lock yourself in the house for the next 4/5/6 ( Eck! ) months. Use this opportunity to make good use of all those beautiful scarfs you have been collecting and go for a dander around the local area. Or further afield if you are feeling adventurous. Be inspired by your furry friends; if you have them – and treat the rain like a new found friend. Run about like an eejit if the notion takes you. Or pack a big flask of hot chocolate and let the pups/kids/ponies do the larking around for you 😉

I’d love it if you would share you top ways to spend an Autumn evening with me. I am always on the look out for more enriching ways to spend those precious evening hours ♥