Westfield Health’s Walking Lunch Campaign #whwalkinglunch

Walking Lunch

I’m a Walking Champion.

Sounds fancy, right?

I am not entirely sure if I am entitled to that title just yet. But I am working on it!

Ya see, when Westfield Health asked me to join their Walking Lunch Campaign I knew it was a good idea. Not only for me, but for you too.

I’m a relatively active lassie – 3 dogs, 2 horses, 2 cats, 2 rabbits and the hens make sure we spend a significant amount of our time outdoors. But lunchtimes? That’s another story entirely…

Walking Lunch cOMPUTER

I almost always get a full hours lunch break when I am in my day job. I know I can consider myself lucky – as many folk don’t have that luxury. However, I am almost always guilty of using that hour to catch up on ‘blog’ goings on. Whether that maybe perusing my feed on Bloglovin, organising my tweets or trying to get my head around Facebook… or even just writing content; there is always something to be done! I recently invested in a teeny weeny laptop that fits into my larger handbags, just to make myself more productive. Double edged sword or what!!

My shiny new purchase means that there have been many a day over the past few months that have been spent almost entirely in front of a computer. From 10am till 7pm when my work day is through, and even beyond that when I have things to do at home. A very easy habit to fall into, and one I am not particularly happy about.

Westfield Health’s Walking Lunch Campaign couldn’t have come at a better time. 

20 minutes of walking during your lunch break. That’s all they are asking. 20 minutes walking to lead you towards better physical and mental well-being. It’s pretty hard to argue against that. If I dedicate 20 minutes of my lunch breaks to getting away from the computers and taking in some fresh air, that still leaves 20 minutes for actually eating lunch and 20minutes for catching up with my blog life. An hour is actually a rather long time after all…

A month of walking lunch

By the end of this month long project I am hopeful I will have acquired a new habit. One I will want to hold on to! Championing the walking lunch from here on in! My mind is already gearing up for summer lunchtime strolls accompanying al fresco dining… Keep an eye out on all social media channels for the hashtag #WHWalkingLunch to see how everyone is getting on.

Do you need to get out more during your working day? If you fancy taking part in Westfield Health’s Walking Lunch Challenge this May pop on over to their website where you can find out more ♥

This is a sponsored post but that does not mean I am not 100% behind Westfield Health’s Walking Lunch Campaign. By getting up and walking a bit more than usual each day – particularly on your lunch break – you can reap the benefits both mentally and physically.