What does being a foodie mean?

Now – this is a bit of a different kind of post, but its been on my mind for a while. And since I managed to categorise myself as a ‘Foodie’ when I started up this little blog nearly 4 years ago – its a word I feel I need to define. Because sometimes I am left feeling like the way the word is used, is not how I feel about it….

I thought the best place to start was the Oxford Dictionaries – their definition of a ‘Foodie’ is below.

Foodie Deff

And this led me to the definition of a ‘Gourmet’


Now – I imagine we all agree that the true definition of what a foodie really is, must lie with the opinion of the masses. Not just the strict definition of the word, in the English language. As a starting point, I looked down the google search, and came across The Urban Dictionary – whose top definition of the word, stirs slightly different feelings.

foodie urban


This joyful little opinion from Archer In Chicago is the most liked opinion on The Urban Dictionary, which is a bit pants really. I dont wanna be described as a douchebag – Im not sure any one does. But where does this opinion come from? Do lots of foodies also happen to be douchebags? I have come across a few…. but I think this is where my opinion on what being a foodie, and many others opinions break company. Has being a foodie, suddenly became the same as being a food snob? Is it something to be embarrassed about? Should I really have labelled myself as one?

When I first started Day Dreaming Foodie, I spent a LONG time deliberating over what name to choose. It had to scream out about how much I FREAKING LOVE FOOD. And I figured a name that including the word ‘Foodie’ spelt that out for folks. And Im a day dreamer, so I whacked that on in there. Recently I made the addition of ‘Life with Laura’ – mainly because I found my original name too restrictive, and wanted to include more lifestyle posts. But anyhows – ‘Foodie’ was chosen as part of my name because I love food. I didnt delve into any other meanings. Im really not sure there was such debate on what a foodie was in 2011…

More recently I have seen discussions on social media about the term, and blog posts seem to have been popping up through out the past few years. People claiming you must tick certain boxes to be able to call yourself a foodie. Loadsa MASSIVE reasons, that not so many people can tick for sure. I feel pretty strongly about food – but I dont think my opinions on food are what makes me a foodie. I think its the enjoyment of food that does. Ive heard, that there are people out there who regard food, as fuel. Yes, I know food is fuel, but isnt it so much more? There is nothing wrong with being one those people, Im nearly envious of all the extra hours their day must include. But they are certainly not foodies.

Has a foodie and a food snob been merged into one? Can we really tell other people that they arent foodie enough, to be a ‘foodie’? Does the English dictionaries definition, taking in gourmet and classifying a ‘discerning palate’ as being part of the make of a foodie mean that I am wrong? And you cant just love food to be a foodie? You must also be rather particular about it….

Foodie seems to have two separate meanings – The good one, where it is used to describe some one with a passion for food. And the not so good one, when it’s used to describe some one who runs about following the food trends, – harping on about newest restaurant in town. This really goes back to the Urban Dictionary definition – its not cool to be a douchebag, no matter what it’s about. And if you being a foodie, means that you think you’re better than other people – thats not cool. And for an opinion like that to appear high in the search, that suggests that many people are using their self declared status as a ‘foodie’ to be annoying. And vice versa of course – calling myself a foodie doesnt make it ok for you to make decisions about me either. If some one wants to eat a certain kind of food, that you dont consider ‘foodie’ does that mean that they would be wrong to label themselves a foodie? Could I ask more questions without answering them?

What I think makes me a foodie, could be very different to what you think makes you foodie – but thats cool. Thats our prerogative – since us humans love to label each other, their is surely worse than being labelled a ‘foodie’. If you love your food, and you wanna be a foodie – Im down with that.

For me, that’s what defines a foodie –

foodie 2

Though Ive just spotted a new term on the go – A Culinarian – but it doesnt have just the same ring to it….

Sorry for the wordy, no answers kinda blog post ….. I think you can probably expect more on this topic! Id love to hear your opinion on what makes you, or others ‘foodies’!