what i ate wednesday

so i stumbled across a cute idea for a wednesday post on http://www.peasandcrayons.com/ today – and i shall hopefully make this a weekly thing!

i started my day off with a cup of rose tea – i picked up these rose buds in selfridges on my last trip to london – they really are beautiful – but running out!

then i ate this sorry collection of things at work today – though i must say the maxi king thingy was pretty good!

and then i devoured a cupcake 😀

i was better behaved & organised for dinner and threw together this lush linguini dish

prawn & wild garlic pesto linguini – mmmmmmmm

and i even have posted the recipe for you to try here

and for dessert i had picked up some Gu souffle’s reduced in tesco – they are a nice treat 🙂

and that’s it for what i ate wednesday 😀