When it all goes wrong…..

It isnt always happiness & light in Field Cottages kitchen – sometimes, a good few times, at least once a week, something goes wrong! And this Tuesday was one of those days……

I was attempting something known as the basic sponge cake! Yep – you did read that correctly, the basic sponge cake…. Weigh your eggs, and match that with equal amounts of sugar & self raising flour. Whisk the eggs and sugar till light & fluffy then fold in the flour. Easy! 


Or not….. 

It was a disaster – dense, tasteless ….. and the way I burnt it wasnt too great either! I will now complain about my oven for a moment or two – its odd temperature, its vintage 1000yr oldness. It really is as old as the kitchen. I keep threatening to replace it, but never making the jump. One of these days…..

On the upside, I had some very happy birdies! A feast of the warm cakey variety is certainly a favourite with some very special ladies of mine….. Im glad someone enjoyed!

Fotor022018402Despite the bad luck on this occasion – i will give it a go and keep you updated…..