Why You Should Visit Northern Ireland

Visit Northern Ireland

Now – I am well aware that Northern Ireland is not at the top of everyone’s ‘Must Visit’ list – but recently on a  flight home I could not help but admire the lush land below me. And I couldn’t miss an opportunity to let you know a bit more about my home country! 

Have you planned to visit Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is quickly becoming a tourist destination. Something I never thought I would say when I moved here nearly 18 years ago. It is an easy jump across the Irish sea from the rest of the United Kingdom making it perfect for weekends away. And equally hassle free to tag onto a trip to Europe, if you are travelling from further afield. I am hoping to make my guide to Northern Ireland a monthly feature for the next wee while – starting with an overview, and continuing with more details and must sees over the coming posts. I would love to be able to tempt you to visit Northern Ireland!

The capital city of Belfast has certainly turned itself around from the days when no one would venture in after dark! The bad ol’e days of The Troubles are long gone, as the country welcomes those in the know. A bustling shopping district – coupled with more restaurants and bars than you can shake a stick at guarantees that there is something for all. The more recent addition of Titanic Belfast has added an interesting attraction you can visit to learn more about Belfast’s history, without going to far afield. An easy stroll from the architectural beauty of the City Hall – the perfect place to relax in the sunshine ( if you are lucky enough to see some on your visit! )

Beyond the capital city lie the ‘Mountains of Mourne sweeping down to the sea’, the world’s oldest distillery in Bushmills, the fascinating landscape of the Giant’s Causeway, the relaxing Fermanagh lakes and not forgetting a reason to hire a car – the scenic Antrim Coast Road. The coastal drive is widely regarded as one of the greatest tourist routes in the world – and I hope to take you on it with me some time soon! The Northern Irish countryside is a treat in itself – the lush pasture full of wildlife, and livestock. Making it a wonderful place to spend a lazy afternoon, recharging in the presence of nature!

Have you visited Northern Ireland? Are you going to visit Northern Ireland? Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to cover 🙂