winter wonderland

as the nights start to darken & a distinct chill is in the air – i cant help but turn my thoughts to the snow of last year

( and then a little to christmas – eeeckkkk, too soon! )

these pictures where taken in the gardens December last year – though the snow started well before & continued there after

despite the disturbances to every day life – i could not help but smile a little when ever i looked out of the window – even a little snow makes the winter so much brighter – the frost a beautiful shimmering finish

the little gate you can spy in the second photo here is my front gate – the snowy walk way was above my knees at times – curse my little legs lol

Cwtch & Cody in the snow – not sure they love it so much – unfortunately I can not find a picture of Dakota ( my siberian husky ) in the snow – she loved it, and was full of even more beans than usual

i promise to be back with more regular posts soon – i am just finding it hard to keep up, with most things – though the promise of a lunch with friends on saturday at Home brings both hope of an enjoyable weekend & inspiration for a future post!